#1 Baltic Online League |2012-05-11 09:44:34|     

Nolife.lt Project is happy to pronounce the first money prize CUP for all BALTIC Countries!



We are the first project in BALTIC Countries which will each month organise this type of league.


Top3 winner prizes:


1)200.00 LTL ( +5 VIP Accounts )

1)100.00 LTL ( +5 VIP Accounts )

3)50.00 LTL  ( +5 VIP Accounts )


if you need any help

please contact us on ( irc.ktu.lt )

channel #nolife

Main cup admins: brm, interected, gedazas



The main rules for this cup is:


Cup type: higher/lower brackets


1) All players recording demos.

2) All players before the game starts have to make screenshots with smoke (3)

3) Planting players on map textures is not allowed (-6 rounds)

4) Using textures/flash bugs is not allowed (-4 rounds)

5) No discrimination in the game (-8 rounds)

6) Maps which will be played: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke, de_train, de_tuscan, de_forge, de_mirage  


To play those cups you need to be registered on the Nolife.lt web with your original steam ID

EAC: Lithuania



Registration for the League is open. The games are starting on 13th of May at 11:00. On the 12th of May please confirm your teams to the administrators on irc.ktu.lt #nolife. The Strongest 32 teams will be selected after the conformation.




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